General Psychology I

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Week 1 & 2: The Research Enterprise in Psychology(Chapter 2)

Key points from Week 1/Chapter 1
Key points from Chapter 2

The History of Psychology's Related Links

The History of Psychology: A Web Resource
The History of Psychology for Today
Classic Historical Psychological Texts: This site even contains an electronic text written by Wilhelm Wundt.

Research Methodology's Related Links
Research Methods: This is a link to further information on research methodology. It is easy to read and may clarify several key concepts of this chapter.
Psychological Ethics and Code of Conduct: Being an ethical psychologist involves more than confidentiality.
Is it ethical for a psychologist to provide services over the internet?
Ethics and Online Experiments
Why might Psychologists choose to run an 'online' experiment?
Tuskeegee Syphilis Resources: Click on the new link to get the old page.

Japanese Unit 731

Below are both academic links and non-academic links to information on Unit 731. I include this for your own personal interest. Be advised, links that have unsettling graphics are noted. You have been warned.
Ethics: A Weapon to Counter Bioterrorism [Mentions Unit 731]
War Responsibility and Japanese Civilian Victims of Japanese Biological Warfare in China
A non-academic source on 731: Be advised that there are some unsettling pictures here, and this is a personal web page.
All POW/MIA Website on 731: This site contains unsettling content. You will need to agree to their terms before continuing on.

Extra Credit(5 points): Write a 1-2 page, typed paper, summarizing the websites concerning online experiments. Answer, whether or not you feel this is an ethical research method.