General Psychology I

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Week 3: The Biological Basis of Behavior (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3 Lecture Outline: Plus example links.

Neurophysiology Related Links
Wikipedia info on the Nervous System
Pictures and Diagrams
Infectious diseases and the CNS
'Brain' Tutorials: This is a link to a site of links. While this course doesn't require one to have extensive knowledge of structure and function, these sites are interesting and have been found to be helpful to some students.
Pictures of a real human brain
Neurotransmitters: A kids site, but contains easy to understand information.
More on Neurotransmitters
Neurotransmitters and feelings
Background on the Nervous System and other links

The brain

Brain Lobes: Diagram and information on the different lobes of the brain.
Neuroscience coloring book: Great for studying. Print each page out, and label the parts.
Central Nervous System Overview
The Brain Collection: Pictures, and interesting articles on a variety of mammal brains.
The Society for Neuroscience