General Psychology I

Instructor: Lorre McCabe

Week 4: Sensation and Perception (Chapter 4)

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Sensation and Perception Tutorials
Animations of Processes within the Ear
Visual Perception Online Laboratory
Classic Visual illusions
Blind Spot Demonstration

Subliminal Perception Web Sites

A Paper on Subliminal Perception
Science or Science Fiction?: Investigating the Possibility (and Plausibility) of Subliminal Persuasion [Cornell University].
Backward Masking: Do reversed music lyrics influence behavior? What do you think? What do you think your book would say about it?


A paper on visual agnosia
Examples of drawings made by people with visual agnosia
Overview of Agnosia
The visual system and agnosia: Informative Overview

The Brain and Vision

Visual Pathways: This site has pictures/diagrams and more information not presented in lecture.
Visual Pathways: This is a kids site, but contains a great diagram for studying.
The visual pathway overhead from class
The human eye overhead from class
Class notes: This is from another university, and varies a great deal from our own class. However, some of you might find it useful.

The Brain and Hearing

A diagram of the ear: Great for studying.
Ear overhead from class

The Brain and Taste

An Article on Taste