General Psychology I

Instructor: Lorre McCabe
Office Hours: After class or by appointment

Chapter 7: Memory

A museum website associated with memory.
Ebbinghaus's classic psychology book on memory
A list of links for repressed memory issues
Ecstacy and Long Term Memory Loss: An Article
Marijuana and Memory: Good Article!

Eye Witness Memory

Eyewitness memory notes for another class
Dr. Gary Well's website devoted to eyewitness testimony. [Iowa State University]
Eyewitness Training Manual for Law Enforcement: Federal Government Publication
Article:Some thoughts about generalizing the role that confidence plays in the accuracy of eyewitness memory
Eyewitness identification labrotory: Again for those ACJ students out there.

Extra Credit

Attend one of the Exploratorium's webcasts regarding memory, and write up a two page summary of the event. You can search the archives and read past webcasts.