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Week 1: Introduction to Psychology and Research Methods (Chapter 1)

There is a take home quiz due Thursday, June 11. See Syllabus for required materials.
Study Guide: Here is a study guide for the first week. I recommend you print it out to assist with note taking during lecture.

Additional Related Links

The History of Psychology: A Web Resource
The History of Psychology for Today
Classic Historical Psychological Texts: This site even contains an electronic text written by Wilhelm Wundt.
Psychological Ethics and Code of Conduct: Being an ethical psychologist involves more than confidentiality.
Is it ethical for a psychologist to provide services over the internet?
Ethics and Online Experiments
Why might Psychologists choose to run an 'online' experiment?
Online Tests(Personality): Ever wanted to know your personality type?

Week 2

REMINDER, No Class on Thursday.

Week 3: Neuroscience and Behavior (Chapter 2)

Quiz for week 3
'Brain' Tutorials: This is a link to a site of links. While this course doesn't require one to have extensive knowledge of structure and function, these sites are interesting.
Pictures of a real human brain

Week 4: Nature Versus Nurture (Chapter 3)

Quiz for week 4
The Intersexed Society of America

Week 5: The Developing Person (Chapter 4)

Quiz for week 5

Week 6: Midterm and Beginning Sensation (Chapter 5)

Midterm Study Guide
Out of Class Activity