Midterm Study Guide

Introduction & Chapter 1Functionalism, Structuralism, Cognition, Psychology versus Psychiatry, Variable, Theory, Hypothesis, Operational Definition, Psychological Test, Steps in Scientific Investigation, Scientific Journal, Independent Versus Dependent Variable, Random Assignment, Random Selection, Descriptive Versus Correlational Research, Naturalistic Observation, Case Study Method, Survey Methods

Review the following: Ethics and Research, Operational definition, the difference between correlational and experimental methodology, negative and positive correlations, the difference between sample & population, 3 measures of central tendency, and one measure of variability

Chapter 2: Biology and Behavior

Review the following: Know the various parts of the neuron and physiological structure of the brain, understand resting potential, action potential, and the all-or-none principle; understand what an excitatory and what an inhibitory post-synaptic potential is, review neurotransmitters.