Quiz : Nature Versus Nurture

1. The treadlike structures that contain genes are called:

a. memes

b. schemas

c. chromosomes

d. nucleotides

2. Each of your body cells contains

a. DNA molecules

b. Chromosomes

c. nucleotides

d. all of the above

3. Mutations are gene replication errors that lead to change in the sequence of:

a. memes

b. hormones

c. nucleotides

d. gender schemas

4. A researcher who assesses the heritability of intelligence is most likely a(n):

a. gender schema theorist

b. evolutionary psychologist

c. behavior geneticist

d. social learning theorist

5. Adoptive parents are most likely to influence the _____ of their adopted children.

A. generosity

b. gender identity

c. extraversion

d. temperament

6. Racial difference in a highly heritable trait are not necessarily caused by:

a. genetic differences between racial groups

b. cultural difference between racial groups

c. temperament differences between racial groups

d. any of the above

7. Molecular geneticists would be most interested in studying

a. nucleotide sequences

b. sex hormones

c. gender schemas

d. erotic plasticity

8. The ideas and traditions of a culture are typically perpetuated by means of:

a. stereotypes

b. norms

c. schemas

d. temperaments

9. Social norms have been found to:

a. Facilitate smooth social interaction

b. Vary from one culture to another

c. Free people from uncertainty about how they ought to behave

d. do all the above

10. Prenatal testosterone secretions exert one of their earliest influences on:

a. genes

b. Memes

c. gender schemas

d. brain organization

1. C

2. D

3. C

4. C

5. A.

6. D

7. A

8. B

9. D

10. D