Chapter 10: Learning Objectives


After reading and studying the material in this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions.


1. ††††††† What components of language must children master? What is the typical developmental course of language development?


2.†††††††† How do learning, nativist, and interactionist perspectives explain the acquisition of language? Which explanation is best supported by research?


3. ††††††† What factors influence mastery motivation of infants? How is this related to later achievement?


4.†††††††† What are the pros and cons of early education?


5.†††††††† What factors contribute to differences in levels of achievement motivation during childhood and what can be done to foster achievement motivation?


6.†††††††† What are the components of learning to read? Is there a most effective way of teaching reading? What distinguishes skilled and unskilled readers?


7.†††††††† How does school affect children? What factors characterize effective schools?


8.†††††††† What changes in achievement motivation occur during adolescence? What factors contribute to these changes?


9.†††††††† How does science and math education in the United States compare to science and math education in other countries?


10.†††††† What are the pros and cons of integrating work with school during adolescence?


11.†††††† How does achievement motivation change during adulthood?


12.†††††† How do literacy, illiteracy, and continued education affect adultís lives?