After students have read and studied the material in this chapter, they should be able to answer the following questions:


1.                  What is personality and how do psychoanalytic, trait, and social learning theories explain personality development?

2.                  How does self-concept emerge during infancy and how does it change across the life span?


3.                  How has infant temperament been categorized?How do these temperament styles interact with caregiver characteristics?How does temperament relate to later personality?


4.                  What changes occur in the development of childrenís and adolescentís self-esteem?What factors influence self-esteem?


5.                  What factors influence the development of identity during adolescence?


6.                  How do adolescents make vocational choices?How does work affect adolescents?


7.                  How does personality change during adulthood?Why do people change or remain the same?


8.                  What is the focus of each of Erikson's psychosocial stages?What factors can influence how each crisis is resolved?


9.                  How do career paths change during adulthood?How does Levinsonís theory conceptualize family and work roles?


††††††††††† 10.†††††† How are older adults influenced by retirement?