After reading and studying the material in this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions.


1. ††††††† How do the workings of the endocrine and nervous systems contribute to growth and development across the life span?


2.†††††††† To what extent are cells responsive to the effects of experience?


3.†††††††† What is lateralization? How does it affect behavior?


4.†††††††† How does the brain change with aging?


5. ††††††† What principles underlie growth? What are examples of each principle?


6.†††††††† What is the difference between survival and primitive reflexes? What are examples of each type of reflex? What other capabilities do newborns have?


7.†††††††† How do locomotion and manipulation of objects evolve during infancy? What factors influence the development of infantís motor skills?


8.†††††††† How are childrenís motor skills advanced relative to those of infants?


9.†††††††† What physical changes occur during adolescence? What factors contribute to sexual maturity of males and females? What psychological reactions accompany variations in growth spurt and the timing of puberty?


10.†††††† What physical changes occur during adulthood? What are the psychological

††††††††††† implications of the physical changes that occur with aging?