PSY 342: Social Psychology

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Midterm Study Guide

Key Concepts for the Midterm
Chapter 1: Social Psychology

What is social psychology?
Similarities and differences between sociology and social psychology

Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods versus Quantitative Research Methods
Correlation and causation versus prediction
* Positive versus negative correlation
Survey (Interview/Questionnaire)
Naturalistic Observation
Dependent versus Independent Variable: Know the difference between the two.
History of Ethical Experimentation (specifically LSD and the CIA): Briefly describe unethical research practices that fueled the development of research ethics as we know today.
IRB (Institutional Review Board): Simple overview of what one is.
Three Key Concepts to Research Ethics: Psychological Harm, Physical Harm, and Legal Harm

(* indicates not covered in lecture)
Chapter 2: The Self
The following list is in development, so check back.

Define Self-Identity, Self-Schema, Self-Concept
Define Schema
What is the "Who am I?" Form?
Self-Identity: Individual and collectivist cultures
Self Esteem
"Basking in reflected glory"

(* indicates not covered in lecture)

Extra Credit
Links search: Find applicable links on the internet for this page and get an extra credit point per applicable link. All you have to do is print the link out and bring it to class.