Final Project

Psy 300U:  Personal Decision Making



Directions:  This project will be graded based upon components successfully completed.




Part 1 [50 points]:  Using the Decision Latter, apply all four steps to your current decision [Prioritized List, Screening, Fact Table, Plusses-and-Minuses Decision Table (and a dominant alternative), 1 to 10 Decision Table, pg. 123].  You will need to include a paragraph or two, discussing the process that you underwent in each table.


Part 2 [15 points]:  Discuss uncertainty using chapter 6, and how it relates to your decision. Perform a basic sensitivity analysis using information discussed in class.


Part 3 [10 points]:  Referring back to your inital essay, discuss how this class has affected your over all decision.  For example, did you come up with new alternatives?  Did you created a dominant alternative?  I am looking for a very thorough discussion.