Discussion Assignment

Due: Sunday Midnight


Please note: That in order to complete this assignment, you must have posted part 2 of this discussion assignment [numbers 1 and 2] by Tuesday to your group.  If you are in a time crunch, part 1 can be posted separately by Sunday.




Part 1: With regards to this week’s material:


  1. Why do you think people tend to think of creative thinking techniques as being ‘silly’?
  2. Why do you think creativity is important to decision making?  Why do you think it’s often ignored? Take the information that was is mentioned in the text and apply it to the situations around you.
  3. Define and give me an example of ‘force-fit’.  How does this apply to creativity?


Part 2: In anticipation of next week:


  1. What things are important to you in regards to the decision you are contemplating for this course project?
  2. What are the most important things that influence the choices you make in your own life?
  3. Creatively converse with another student concerning their own values.  One way to do this is to ask for clarification.  We should see at least three different postings from you regarding this requirement. They can be answers to other students regarding your own values, or inquiries to others. To get this completed, you need to have this second section posted during the first part of the week (by Tuesday).