Psychology of Women

Assignment 1: The Portrayal of Women in the Media

Write a 2-2 page, typed double spaced paper on the portrayal of women in a specific movie or television show (p. 133, Box 4.2 Learning Activity).

Outline/Example Paper

I. Introduction

II. Summarize one or two key issues presented in the book regarding the portrayal of women in the media (p. 133, Box 4.2 Learning Activity). You may want to include information from pages 132-138 of the Lips text.

Short Example. . .

Lips discusses several general types of stereotyped representations in regards to how women are represented within the media. For example, she states "Women are peripheral (Lips, 2003)." She goes on to explain that women have fewer articles written about them in newspapers, and are seen significantly less in music videos. The one place that women are seen with similar frequency is in advertisements, but that role is often confined house related issues.

III. Summarize a movie, TV show, or some other media related experience

Short Example. . .

Last night, I spent a half an hour listening to a local radio station. During that time frame five songs were played. The first song, Desert Rose, was sung by a male artist known as Sting. The lyrics in combination with the variety of vocal techniques brought about images of hot desert days bereft of the cooling touch of rain (apparently symbolic of a woman's touch). . .Finally, the only song in the half an hour of documented time that had a female singer was This Kiss, sung by Faith Hill.

IV. How does the media example in item III relate to the ideas presenting in II?

Psychology of Women

Assignment 2: Developmental Psychology and Women on the WWW

Write a 2-2 page, typed double spaced paper on a developmental issue pertaining to women on the WWW. The first section should summarize one to two key issues you are going to examine based upon information in the book. The second section should be a brief paragraph summarizing the Web Page. The third section should involve explaining how the WWW relates back to the aforementioned issues in the first section. This assignment should be in a similar format to the previous assignment.

Here are some links to get you started:


Senile Dementia and Hormonal Supplements

A gifted girl's experience with home school

Gender Stereotypes in Children: This site has a list of links

Gender Stereotypes in Children's Toys

Adolescence and Prosocial Behavior


Assignment 3: Interviews, a paper of experience

This assignment involves interviewing someone (example: business owner, educator, peer, family member) concerning four issues covered in this chapter (can be male or female).

Procedures involved in this assignment: 1) Come up with four questions pertinent to this unit (a total of 4, to cover the four issues you choose). 2) Interview someone. 3) Write up the results.

The write up should be 2-2 pages, typed & SINGLE spaced. It should include all four questions, and summaries of the person's answers. In addition, you should include how this person is related to you (but no names). Finally, you should answer why is understanding people's personal experiences in regards to the material covered in this unit IMPORTANT. Assignment 4: Informational Brochure

Your assignment should reflect the following structure:


1. Your Name

2. Name of the Assignment

3. The relationship of the individual too you (example, roommate).

4. Gender of the individual.

5. Question #1

6. Summary of answer to #1

7-12. Questions and Answers #2-#4

13. Why is understanding individual experience in regards to the material in this unit important (Answer)?

Assignment 4: Informational Brochure

Class: Psychology of Women

The following assignment is a bit 'free form'. Create an informational brochure on one of the topics listed at the end of this assignment sheet (1 sheet of 81/2 by 11 paper, tri-folded). Any type of media (pen and ink, computer, collage etc.) is acceptable. You will be graded on neatness, and whether or not your brochure is informative (must contain factual information from the book or another source). We will be sharing this to small groups in class.


o       Cohabitation

o       Marital Issues

o       Domestic Violence

o       Multi-cultural issues and relationships

o       Lesbianism

o       Safe Sex Practices

o       HIV and Lesbianism

o       Domestic Violence

o       Homophobia

o       Bisexuality

o       Sexual Response Cycle

o       Sex Education

o       Rape

o       Sexual Abuse

o       Sexual Problems

o       Sexual unresponsiveness

o       Female orgasmic Disorder

o       Vaginismus

o       Endometriosis

o       Painful Intercourse

o       Sex Therapy

o       Gender Roles and Sex Problems

o       Birth Control

o       Abortion

o       Unwanted children

o       Alternatives to Abortion

o       Information Specifically about the Abortion process

Psychology of Women

Assignment 5: Women's Resources in the Portland Metro Community (This includes outlying areas)

Write a 2-2 page paper, typed and double space on women's resources in the community regarding the topic that you pick in class. This topic will relate back to something we cover within this unit (whether book or class lecture). The first section of the paper should briefly summarize the information presented on the topic. The second section of the paper should highlight the resources in the community that directly addresses the issue.

This assignment is similar in structure to the first assignment given in this class. You will be sharing your information within your group.