Psychology of Women

Due Date: October 8, 2002

Assignment 1: The Portrayal of Women in the Media

Write a 2-2 page, typed double spaced paper on the portrayal of women in a specific movie or television show. The first section should summarize one to two key issues you are going to examine based upon information in the book. The second section should be a brief paragraph summarizing the TV show or movie. The third section should involve explaining how the movie or TV show relates back to the aforementioned issues in the first section.

Outline/Example Paper

I. Introduction

II. Summarize one or two key issues presented in the book regarding the portrayal of women in the media.

Short Example. . .

Matlin discusses several general types of stereotyped representations in regards to how women are represented within the media. For example, she states that "Women are relatively invisible (Matlin, 1996)." She goes on to explain that women have fewer articles written about them in newspapers, and are seen significantly less in music videos. The one place that women are seen with similar frequency is in advertisements, but that role is often confined house related issues.

III. Summarize a movie, TV show, or some other media related experience

Short Example. . .

Last night, I spent a half an hour listening to a local radio station. During that time frame five songs were played. The first song, Desert Rose, was sung by a male artist known as Sting. The lyrics in combination with the variety of vocal techniques brought about images of hot desert days bereft of the cooling touch of rain (apparently symbolic of a woman's touch). . .Finally, the only song in the half an hour of documented time that had a female singer was This Kiss, sung by Faith Hill.

IV. How does the media example in item III relate to the ideas presenting in II? Does Matlin's arguments hold with the specific media that you chose to examine?

If Matlin's arguement held (as with the two previous examples sections), then what conclusions can you draw from your examination? If Matlin's argument didn't hold, then what can you say? Could your example be an exception to the ideas she presents, a "one shot wonder", or could it reflect a general trend in that area of the media?