Assignment 3: Interviews, a paper of experience

This assignment involves interviewing someone (example: business owner, educator, peer, family member) concerning four issues covered in this chapter (can be male or female).

Procedures involved in this assignment: 1) Come up with four questions pertinent to this unit (a total of 4, to cover the four issues you choose). 2) Interview someone. 3) Write up the results.

The write up should be 2-2 pages, typed & SINGLE spaced. It should include all four questions, and summaries of the person's answers. In addition, you should include how this person is related to you (but no names). Finally, you should answer why is understanding people's personal experiences in regards to the material covered in this unit IMPORTANT.

Your assignment should reflect the following structure:

1. Your Name

2. Name of the Assignment

3. The relationship of the individual too you (example, roommate).

4. Gender of the individual.

5. Question #1

6. Summary of answer to #1

7-12. Questions and Answers #2-#4

13. Why is understanding individual experience in regards to the material in this unit important (Answer)?