Psychology of Women

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Online Database Resources

Resources for online research

I had a talk with several people concerning the difficulty getting articles from remote locations, and searching databases. I have found several possible solutions to the problem.

  • You can establish a dial-up connection to PSU. This Requires an Odin Account. To obtain this either contact your coordinator at your location, or use the previous link.
  • You can go to the Chemeketa College Library and search Ebsco Host via their computers. Link to Chemeketa Library. To save money, email yourself a copy of the articles you find.

  • You can set up your home computer to access the databases. I have heard this is confusing to some people. I am working on finding somebody to come down and have a workshop/seminar on this process. You MUST have an odin account to do this. Link to the Proxy Server Directions

  • You can also obtain copies of books and articles by ordering them online from the main campus. For directions on doing this click here. If you have them delivered to the Salem Center/Capital Center, it reduces the time significantly (2 days). In addition, if you use the Illiad system articles can be electronically delivered to you.

  • Other options

    I have also found additional web resources that may be options for finding journal articles.
    Questa Database: This is a database service (complete with Peer Reviewed Journals), that allows you to search for free. You can pay less than 10 dollars a month to add in full text options.
    Women Studies Searchable Database: BINGO, this is a free Women Studies database of journals! Check this one out. It's incredibly easy to use.
    The American Psychological Association has an online demo (1990 only) of PsychInfo, an online database. Perhaps you may find something here.
    A link to a list of free online medical searches for peer reviewed journals
    A List of Web Resources: You may find a data base in this list you may feel is helpful.