Final Paper and Poster Handout

PSY 310:  Psychology of Women

Instructor:  L. McCabe


Poster Presentation (25 points)


The poster presentation consists of a small group presentation (size of groups vary from 2-3 groups).  Poster presentations vary from 2-5 minutes, and are a brief summary of your paper.  You must make a poster presenting your information on a piece of standard sized poster board. Everyone does their OWN poster.  I will bring examples to class.


In this presentation, you will be graded on the following.  You will receive ten-points for being present and filling out a worksheet based upon the information presented in your group.  The other fifteen points will be awarded for the poster you create.  Both aspects are graded on a pass-fail basic, that is to say you receive all of the points or none of the points.  So, if for some reason you miss the final presentation, but turn in a poster, you will receive 15 points for this section of the project.


As long as the poster contains information regarding your paper, you are welcome to use any style that you want.  This is a chance to voice the issues that you have raised in your paper, and share them with other people.


Final Paper (75 points)


1.  This paper is a 8-10 page typed, double-spaced paper.  Because I will have less than a week to grade almost 50 papers, I keep a strict requirement on page length.  If you write more than 10 pages I will only grade the first 10 pages.  If you write less than 8 pages, I will grade the content you have.


2.  If you would like your paper back, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.  As I am generally not around between summer and fall term, it will be difficult for you to get a hold of me.  By fall term, the papers will be in storage.  I will be willing to get people’s papers, but it will involve a significantly longer process.  As a rule I keep a papers for 2 terms.


3.  You are welcome to use any form of established source citation.  All papers should contain a bibliography or reference page.  Information presented in text should be cited.


4.  You should include at least 1 peer reviewed journal source.  If you are having problems locating one, please contact me.  You should also have 1-2 sources per page written (so 12-14 sources).  Valid sources include but are not limited to web pages, books, journal articles, and personal interviews.  You may want to examine your sources biases within the text of your paper.


5.  Remember, your opinion and experience matters in this.  If you have something to say about the difficulty of finding information, please do.  Many of these women’s issues are invisible.