Final Take Home Exam

PSY 300U:  Personal Decision Making



Directions:  Read the article [located at] called “Engendering differences:  Ethical Issues About Intersexed.”  Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Each question is graded on a pass/no pass basis.  That means there is no partial credit for a specific question


Problem Structuring


  1. (5 points)Identify the key values associated with each parent used in the case example on page 2. Do you think that the parents might have a similar overall value?
  1. (5 points) What are some of the available alternatives?
  2. (5 points) What kind of Stimulus variation techniques would you advise them to use to look for possible creative alternatives?  Describe how the technique could be preformed and some examples of things you yourself could think up?
  3. (5 points) What biases [that are discussed in Chapter 2] do you see the parents exhibiting?
  4. (3 points) How would you advise them in dealing with these biases? 
  5. (2 points) Is the decision “hot” or “cold”
  6. (5 points Extra Credit) Using the techniques in this class is there a possible way to build consensus, or come up with an alternative that both parents would approve of?