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Helpful Research Advice: Are you feeling frustrated with trying to find material? Here are some tricks that I use in my own searches.

David Myers Guide to Electronic Research: Everything you wanted to know about refering to articles, and when to use an electronic source over a book.

Here is a list of the ethnic/cultural groups
that will be participating in our final group
project. I will add links to assist your
search as I have time.

Links for everyone

Issues with women in the workforce: This link has many articles, many appropriate for different cultural groups.
Women's Studies Resources
Multi-Cultural Resources for Multnomah County
Women's Rights in the World: Amnesty International
United Nations: Division for the advancement of women
Human Survival Network
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
Qweb Worldwide Network on Women's Health and Gender Issues
World Violence Against Women
End Violence Against Women: John Hopkins site for communication of information concerning the state of the World and violence against it's female members.
Rainbo: A site devoted to the bodily integrity of women
Sex trafficking in Nepal: This might fit better in the 'Asia not China', group.
Violence against women: what do we want to teach our teachers?

Caucasian American Women

African American/Black American

Women of Color with Disabilities: While devoted to all colors, the "Black" group may find this page very helpful.
Google list of links for African American Women

African Women (Sub-Sahara)

African Women Online
Women's Net for Social Support in South Africa
East African Media Women's Association: A site devoted to politcal action.
HIV and Sexual Practices
News Article on Skin Bleaching Practices
Another Article on Skin Lightening Creams
Africa: International Women's Media Foundation.
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Uganda's Women Network
Sustainable energy and African Women
Story Telling For Change in Africa
Safe Motherhood in Zambia

Asians (Non-Chinese)

Thailand's Ministry of Public Health: There are some interesting and applicable articles on this website. Try finding sites for other country's Ministry of Public Health. If you get another language, look for a button or link that says "English Version".
Asia: International Women's Media Foundation.
Japan NGO Report: Includes information about elderly women.
Old Age in Japan: This site takes somewhat of a historical view, but provides insight as to how elderly women are treated.
Are older Japanese women better off?
Family Life and Working Life: Again you may need to read through it to find appropriate information, but it is there.
The economic security of older person's in Japan.
Housing and living arrangements of the elderly in Japan: This is a pdf file.
Statistical Handbook for Japan
Who provides care for the aging population in Japan?
Status of Women in South East Asia
A list of articles written by Napaporn Chayovan: You may be able to obtain these rather quickly if you order them electronically through ILL.
Fact Sheet: Aging in Thailand: Contains references to elderly women.
Non-communicable diseases of elderly women in Thailand
Economic well-being of elderly women in Thailand
Demographic Data for women in Thailand

Chinese Women

National Asian Women's Health Organization: While this is focused in the USA, you may find this useful.
Marriages among elderly women
Housing and Gender Equality
The impact of economic development on rural women in China
UCSF study on the prevalence of footbinding in elderly chinese women
Women, Children, and the Elderly: Hunt around for an appropriate reference or background to this report.
Suicide in Chinese Rural Areas
Changing Role and Status for Women in China
Chinese Gender Equality
The Commission for the Status of Women in China

Latina Women

The National Latina Health Organization: Focused on the USA, but helpful.
Mexican Women's Roles and the Media: Mexican women take a stand against a radio host. This site also contains statistics concerning women working in Mexico.
Mexican Women's Group Site: This site is written in Spanish.
Inter-American Commission for Women: Contains information on Latinas.
Latinas: International Women's Media Foundation.
Women's Issues in Brazil: Make sure to scroll down.
Women's Issues in Argentina: Again, please make sure to scroll down.
Women's Issues in Chile: Make sure to scroll down.
Women's Issues in Columbia: Again, please scroll down.
Women's Issues in Costa Rica
Status of Women in Mexico
Status of Women in Peru

Middle Eastern Women

It should be pointed out that there are inherent cultural and religious biases in some of these links. I do not agree with all that is said, but I think that understand what IS a biased representation is important. Please keep this in mind while reading them.

A site addressing misinformation regarding women in Islam
The Hijab: From the aforementioned site.
One women's view: The Hijab, from the aformentioned site.
Islamic Traditions and the Feminist Movement: From the aforementioned site.
The Muslim Women's League
Yale University Library Links: This is an awesome collection of Academic links very appropriate for this group.
Middle Eastern Women Studies: This is an awesome collection of links, broken down via country. Many of these articles are academic in nature. There are many articles.
Arab Lesbian's Homepage: An example of what you can find on the previous link
Women of Islam: This site discusses the "Woman's Room", in addition to other material.
A very graphic and detailed explanation about what it means to be a woman in Islam
Honor killings
More on Honor Killings
Women's Rights
Honor Killings: Pakistan
Afghan Women are Still Policed
Afghan Pregnancy Death Rate Skyrockets
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Arab Women Connect
Media Women Face Challenges: A news article.
Islam, Women and Family Planning: A Primer

Eastern European/Russia Women

Google list of links: You might find these applicable.
Interesting facts about Russian Women
Women's Day in Russia
Moscow Center for Gender Studies
The Angel Coalition
Moscow Gender Research Center
Russia: Women's Parliment: In Russian
Russia: Dignity Female Association
La Strada:Eastern Europe and Russia Human Trafficking
Violence Against Women and Sexual Exploitation - Papers by Dr. Donna Hughes[Great Resource]
OWL: Open Women Line: A great resource for information on issues Russian Women face

Native American Women

In previous classes this was one of the more difficult groups of women to obtain information on. I have provided some links to further your search.
The National Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research (NCAIANMHR), This is a very excellent website. It also provides references to peer reviewed articles.
Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
The Indian Health Service: Through the USA Government.
Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
Position Paper on Native American Women who have been sterilized.
Native American Google List of Links

Indian Women

These are women living in the country of India.
Delhi Commission for Women: Focuses on empowering women in India.
Legal Assistance Program: Highlights many of the problems women face in India.
Women Studies Books: Published in India
A Women's Website
Infantcide/selective abortion

Native Australians(Indigenous)

This is another group of women that may be difficult to find information on. After spending time looking into women's issues

Prof Graham R Davidson'v C Vitae: This contains a list of peer reviewed journal articles that may apply. To order one, you can use the Library's new ILLiad system. All you need is your PSU ID card, and the bar code on the back of it. If you choose the "Deliver via the web" option, it can take less than a week to get the information back.
Article in the Monitor of Psychology.
Peer Reviewed Journal of Australian Youth Studies: You may have to look article by article to see if there are any appropriate articles.
Australian Government Research Institute: There is a search button in the upper right hand screen that you can use to search the site. The following links are from this site.
  • An Annual Biography of Women's Issues
  • Genocide in Australia?

  • Child Care
    Longterm or Elder Care
    Problems with deaths in custody: This may not be related to women, but it may shed some insight to the political climate in Australia.
    Human Rights/Social Justice: Again this may not be directly applicable, but it does provide some insight to what is going on.
  • Statistics: This is from the aforementioned website, and is a great resource for looking at basic demographic issues.
  • The following is an example of how to glean information about women off the previous web page "Female prisoners accounted for 11.3% of Aboriginal deaths in custody but only 5.2% of non-Aboriginal deaths in custody. The rate of death for Indigenous women in custody was higher than the corresponding rate for Indigenous men."
  • Sex Discrimination in Australia: This is a governmental website. While this seems to apply to all Australian women, if you search you will find some appropriate information to Indigenous people.
    A Female Tribal Leader's Story
    A famous case of arranged marriage
    Aboriginal Australia: Very Informative!