Psychology of Women

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Group Final Project Handout

Psychology of Women
Winter Term
Final Group Project: The World of Women

At this point you and your group should have assigned topics/units based upon the world group you chose at the beginning of this term. You should have begun collecting information on this unit.

The final group project is worth 100 points. This is combined from two related activities, a group presentation and a group paper.

The Group Presentation (50 points)

We are moving more and more towards a Ďglobalí world. Given this it is important to realize that what effects the dominant culture of the USA, is not always what effects the world as a whole. This is the case for psychology of women. The group presentation is worth 50 points, and is a project designed to communicated information to the other groups about how what we have learned in class related to the world as we know it. In addition, it provides a direct comparison of the white womanís experience to the cultures and ethnic groups of the world. PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIT YOUR ENTIRE PAPER INTO THIS PRESENTATION.

The requirements of this are as follows. Each group will receive 20 minutes in which to make their presentation. Everyone in the group must have a chance at presenting information from their associated papers, so divide the time accordingly. It is common for groups NOT to practice their presentations before the day they present. This is often problematic because the time goes very quickly. I suggest you divide your time accordingly, and at the VERY least practice your presentation privately so that you can keep within your associated time limit.

At 18 minutes, I will give your group a warning to let you know that your time is almost up. As we have quite a few groups it will be important for everyone to move quickly through these presentations. Given this, I reserve the freedom to end the presentation if it goes past time.

Important elements to include in your presentation are as follows: Your full name, the topic you will be covering, and some form of visual aide (and of course the material that you are presenting). You will be graded in the following manner.

10 points for your visual aide

20 points for how applicable your topic is to this course

10 points for Ďmaking it realí (can be done by using statistics, putting thing is perspective, citing journal sources etc.)

10 points for presenting an informative and yet persuasive viewpoint. You may want to include somewhere ideas on how to fix the problems that you have uncovered, or information on why dealing with these problems at a global level is difficult. This is your discussion.

I will be giving you an in class demonstration in the near future of what I mean regarding these items.

Class Paper (50 points)

Due: By the end of class finals week.

This is a 7 Ĺ to 8 Ĺ page paper on the topics you have uncovered regarding your group assignment and the unit you choose. The point of this paper is to provide additional information concerning topics or items the book may have not covered in relation to your assigned world group. You may go over the page length if you include graphics (but limit your page length of text to the assigned limits).

1. Please reference all material that you use, whether it be personal interview of an individual from that world group, a web page, or a journal article.

2. I want some evidence that you at least attempted to search out information in peer reviewed journals. If one person in your group understands how to do this, then perhaps you can assign this task to one individual (and then they share the information). Remember to balance the work load. Donít worry if you canít find anything, or what you find is difficult to understand. This is an issue in itself, which you can discuss in your paper.

3. All papers of a group should be presented together. You donít have to go out an buy something special unless you want to. Fancy covers do not make for a good grade. I will be providing large binder clips for your group to use.

4. Please provide an overall table of contents and cover sheet for your group paper. Please label authors of each chapter, and name the chapter.

5. The contents of your individual paper are up to you. I will provide more specific break down of grading points as we get closer. The key thing that I will be looking for is applicability to this course, and the unit you have chosen.