The Midterm Paper

Class: Psychology of Women

Instructor: Laurie McCabe


This is a 50 point paper. It should range between five and six typed (double spaced) pages. I will be asking myself the following questions when I sit down to grade these.

1. Can I understand what you are saying (5 points)?

Basically, if I have difficulty reading what you are writing I will start taking away points.

2. Do you demonstrate knowledge of material presented in lecture (20 points)?

A rule of thumb (safe bet) for this item would be to at least one item from each lecture.

3. Do you demonstrate knowledge of material presented in the book (10 points)?

A rule of thumb(safe bet) for this item is to cover one item from five of the chapters.

4. Do you demonstrate new ideas, or come to complex conclusions about the material presented in this class (5 points)?

Do you present ideas or conclusions unique to ones presented in class or in the book?

Topic Ideas

1. Highlight the multi-cultural issues presented in lecture and the book, and how they relate to psychology of women.

2. Examine (female) gender stereotypes and how it relates to the information presented in the book and in lecture. For example, you could review the information presented in class on stereotypes, and talk about different aspects of development and stereotypes.

3. Examine female psychological development from conception to death, including the formation of stereotypes, issues with intelligence . . .

4. Using your own personal experience as a guide, present ideas from the chapter and lecture that are reflected your own life. Make sure to present enough information so that I know you understand the topics covered.