Psychology of Women

Midterm 2: Study Guide



  1. Biological Development of Sex
  2. Chromosomes
  3. Gonads
  4. Hormones
  5. Brain Development
  6. Gender Development
  7. Socialization of Gender Roles
  8. Intersexed
  9. David Reimer/Joan/John Case Study (Video and Lecture)
  10. Endometriosis
  11. Pregnancy and mentioned symptoms
  12. Ovulatory Synchronization
  13. Episiotomy
  14. Medical overuse (concept)
  15. Protocol for Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Intersexed Individuals
  16. Outcomes of Sexual Reassignment in Intersexed Individuals
  17. Side Effects of the Episiotomy
  18. Doula
  19. Certified Nurse Midwife
  20. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  21. Prevalence in the World
  22. FGM's Relationship to culture rather than religion
  23. What an Episiotomy is said to do
  24. Older women and HIV
  25. Older woman's sexuality
  26. Agism mixed with sexism and the 'double standard'
  27. Benefits of sexual behavior on older women
  28. Why older women exhibit less sexual behavior as they age? (The difference between women and men.)
  29. Four key influences on Gender Role Socialization (Media, Parents, School, Peers)
  30. Aging health concerns