Psychology of Women

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Unit 2: Social Cognition and the Psychology of Women

Assignment 1: Women's Portrayal in the Media

Extra Credit: The Bachelor (ABC TV)

Often times I see things that happen in the media or current events that pertain to the psychology of women. This show on ABC is one of them. For 5 extra credit points, watch the show and write me a 1-1 * page (typed-double spaced) opinion on the show. How do you think it relates to the information that we have been going over in class? If you feel like you would like to take this show one step further, I have included links to the show’s official web page.
The Show's Official Web Page
Application to be on the show: For those of you who were interested in seeing exactly what they require of the women (and men) involved in this show. I read it. It was very interesting.