Psychology of Women

Instructor: Lorre McCabe
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Unit 4: Women, Work & Education

Unit 4 Lecture Outline
Assignment 3: Interviews, a paper of experience

Facts about Women and Work
The Center for Women and Work
Research on Women and Education
APA Research Press Release: Actual turnover rates versus how women are viewed
US Bureau of Census 2001 report for income: This is cited in the course, and refers to gender differences. IN ADDITION, it contains different median incomes for minorities.
Oregon State Nursing Association: These are links into nursing and health related issues. You may find some of these helpful on the final project.

Extra Credit Opportunity

Write a 1 to 2 page typed double-spaced paper, summarizing the following article's findings.

APA Article on Women in Academe:Women in Academe: Two steps forward, one step back