Gender Differences in Friendship
Marriage, Social Class, and Friendship
     1.  After marriage friendships still marked with emotional intimacy
Lesbian Friendships
     1.  Emotional support 
     2.  For some lesbians, friendships function as an extended family
Dating Relationships
Importance of Physical Attractiveness
Gender-Related Behaviors and Roles in Dating Relationships  
Perception of Sexual Interest
Dating Issues for Women with Physical Disabilities
1. Research has shown that women with physical disabilities are
considered asexual and not acceptable as romantic partners
2.  This research indicated several important differences between
two groups of women in issues related to dating.
What would you recommend to assist women in these areas w/dating
Committed Relationships
     1.  All women seem to view marriage very positively
     2.  Marriage Rates (US Bureau of Census)
     3.  The Nature of the Relationship
     1.  Cohabitation, the state in which an unmarried couple lives
     2.  Cohabitation can act as a trial marriage or act as an alternative
     3.  Not all people favor cohabitation
     4.  Cohabitors tend to be more happy about their relationships than
     single individuals but less happy than married individuals
     5.  Other research shows that married individuals who previously
     cohabited show they have more problems than those who choose not
     to cohabit.
     6.  Those who cohabit prior to marriage are more likely to get
Lesbian Relationships
Unattached Lifestyles