Psychology as a Social Science

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Personality(Chapter 12)

Web notes for Chapter 12[part 1]: These are some of the key concepts discussed in lecture.
Big Five Personality Traits Diagram
Reciprocal Determinism Diagram

Other related Personality links

The Personality Project
Online Personality Tests" For 5 points extra credit, take one of these tests--and then critique it based upon the research methodology that you know. Do you think these sorts of online tests are scientific, why or why not? [One typed double-spaced page].
Online Personality Text: For more information on the personality theories discussed in class.
The Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Scientific Research Programs in Personality
A online game, Which theory belongs to which theorist?
Borderline Personality Disorder: What does it mean when someone has a personality disorder? We will be discussing this more in the later chapters.