Psychology as a Social Science

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Week 1 & 2: The Research Enterprise in Psychology(Chapter 2)

The History of Psychology's Related Links

The History of Psychology: A Web Resource
The History of Psychology for Today
Classic Historical Psychological Texts: This site even contains an electronic text written by Wilhelm Wundt.

Research Methodology's Related Links
Research Methods: This is a link to further information on research methodology. It is easy to read and may clarify several key concepts of this chapter.
Psychological Ethics and Code of Conduct: Being an ethical psychologist involves more than confidentiality.
Is it ethical for a psychologist to provide services over the internet?
Ethics and Online Experiments
Why might Psychologists choose to run an 'online' experiment?
Online Tests(Personality): Ever wanted to know your personality type?
Tuskeegee Syphilis Resources
Japanese Unit 731
More History on Japanese Unit 731
APA Ethics Office:APA website providing information on code of ethics, and other ethics related resources.
APA Library Research in Psychology: Information for students on research strategies in psychology.
APA Research with Laboratory Animals: Information about important factors to consider when working with animals.
American Psychological Society: Psychological Research on the Net:This general site provides links to experiments on the internet that are related to psychology. Some of the sites will allow students to participate in an experimental procedure, so they can get a feel for being a research subject.
Teaching and Scholarly Activities by Faculty: Ethical Issues in Psychology and Scientific Research This site has some useful links related to ethical issues in research. These links include links to Institutional Review Boards for Human Subjects Research, and to information related to the ethical treatment of animals in research.
The Junk Science Homepage:As stated in the introduction to this page, “junk science is bad science used by personal injury lawyers to shakedown deep pocket businesses; the ‘food police’ and environmental Chicken Littles to fuel wacky social agendas…”; you get the idea. This page is devoted to debunking erroneous reports of science in the media; great for finding examples of correlation misinterpreted as causation.
CSICOP On-Line:This is the official homepage of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). CSICOP “encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible scientific point of view…”

Extra Credit(5 points): Write a 1-2 page, typed paper, summarizing the websites concerning online experiments. Answer, whether or not you feel this is an ethical research method.