PSY 342: Social Psychology

Instructor: Lorre McCabe
Phone: (503) 997-6219
Home Phone: (503) 439-6219
Office Hours: After class or by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When will you return our tests/assignments back to us?

Given the size of the class it takes a week minimum to correct all of them.

2. Can I do anything to make up lost attendance points?

This is what extra credit is for.

3. Can I do anything to make up low scores on the tests?

This is what extra credit is for.

4. Can I do anything to make up for missed activities?

This is what extra credit is for.

5. I don't know how to use the World Wide Web, or I don't have a computer... There are several computers labs on campus with friendly staff. One rather large one is located on the ground floor of the PSU Library. If you need assistance in understanding how to access a web page, please ask the individual overseeing the computer lab. If you are still having difficulty come see me during my office hours.

6. What if I run into a problem accessing the web page?

CALL ME via my cell phone number.

7. Can I email you my assignments?

NO. I do not accept assignments via email.

8. Can I fax you my assignments?

NO. I do not accept assignments via fax.

9. Can I turn my assignments into your box in Cramer Hall 317?

YES, but they may not get to me on time. If you do get them in on time, I may not grade them with the others. In addition, if I start seeing that my box is inundated with papers of people not showing up to class, I reserve the right to axe this privilege.

10. Why won't you accept them via these methods?

So many alternatives for turning in assignments creates general havoc with even the most well organized individual. In addition, this also increases the probability that some how some way something will keep the assignment from getting into my hands. For example, the email file may be corrupted or the fax may print out in jibberish. The only way to make sure that the assignment is in my hands on time is to place it concretely in my hands during the time I collect them.

11. Oh yes, will I accept assignments via the Web Board other than the web participation assignment?

NO, for aforementioned reasons.

12. What if I go over the allotted pages for each assignment or Test?

I won't grade your assignment. While an additional paragraph or page may not seem that much to you, when all of you engage in the behavior it creates a significant amount of extra grading. Editing is a VERY important part of writing. If you are having problems editing down your papers, please visit the on campus writing center.

13. Is there any other available extra credit?

Sometimes I add assignments if I see something important in the media or for some other reason. However, I place a cap on how many points you can earn (see available points).