Final Paper Handout

Instructor:  L. McCabe

PSY 204: Psychology as a Social Science

Due:  The Day of the Final Exam




This paper is a 3-4 page, typed double-spaced paper comparing a movie to a topic that we have gone over in the book or lecture.  In this paper you should compare and contrast the information presented in the book or lecture with the movie of your choice.  You should clearly summarize the movie well enough that any reader will be able to clearly see the comparisons that you are making.  You should also summarize the topics well enough that the reader can clearly see the links between your topic(s) and the movies.


Example outline of the paper


I.  Introduction

II.  Short overall plot summary

III.  Short overall summary of information within the text.

IV.  Comparisons between text information and scenes within the movie

V.  Conclusion


List of possible topics (examples)


1.  Silence of the Lambs [Hannibal and/or Red Dragon]:  A discussion on whether or not Hannibal Lector has a personality disorder?


2.  The Haunted:  A discussion concerning the ethical nature of the psychology experiment portrayed in this movie, and aspects of research methods


3.  Pass It Forward:  A discussion of social influence and altruism can be examined with this film as well as other social psychological topics.


4.  Two Weeks Notice:  A discussion concerning attraction between individuals (Chapter 13)


5.  The X-Files (Movie):  A discussion concerning whether or not Mulder displays mental health problems


6.  As Good As It Gets:  A discussion concerning the accurate portrayal of OCD


7.  The Three Musketeers/Man In and Iron Mask:  A discussion concerning the personality types and theories that explain the complex personalities portrayed by the main characters in this film


8.  Winnie the Pooh:  A discussion of either personality theory or how the characters portray specific mental health problems has been written in the past.


Key Things to Remember:  Remember that you are the expert in this paper writing to the ignorant reader.  That means if you believe something to be true, or a movie accurately/inaccurately portrays what you are discussing, explain it well and provide information from the book to back up your statements.