Final study guide


Prejudice:  Disliking others



Stereotype (and components)

Prejudice’s relationship to attitudes

Racial Prejudice

Gender Prejudice (gender role attitudes/ideologies, Sexism etc.)

Status and prejudice

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Stereotype Threat

In group bias


Institutional Supports

Frustration and Aggression

The role of distinctiveness

Changing stereotypes




Central Route to Persuasion

Peripheral Route to Persuasion

The Elements of Persuasion

The Communicator (Credibility, sleeper effect, expertise, trustworthiness, attractiveness, physical appeal versus similarity)

Message Content (Reasons, Emotions, Affect,  The effects of positive affect or good feelings, the effects of negative affect or fear, discrepancy, one-sided versus two-sided appeals)

Channel of Communication (spoken words, media, face-to-face, the two-step flow of communication)

The Audience (Age, life cycle explanation, generational explanation)

Cult Indoctrination






Classic Studies (Sherif, autokinetic phenomenon, confederate, Asch’s studies of group pressure, Milgram)

Obedience (emotional distance of the victim, legitimacy of the authority etc.)

Behavior and Attitudes