PSY 342: Social Psychology

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Midterm Study Guide

Online Practice Midterm Exam: Keep in mind that this exam covers more chapters than what we do in our class.

Key Concepts for the Midterm
Chapter 1: Social Psychology

What is social psychology?
Similarities and differences between sociology and social psychology

Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods versus Quantitative Research Methods
Correlation and causation versus prediction
* Positive versus negative correlation
Survey (Interview/Questionnaire)
Naturalistic Observation
Dependent versus Independent Variable: Know the difference between the two.
History of Ethical Experimentation (specifically LSD and the CIA): Briefly describe unethical research practices that fueled the development of research ethics as we know today.
IRB (Institutional Review Board): Simple overview of what one is.
Three Key Concepts to Research Ethics: Psychological Harm, Physical Harm, and Legal Harm

(* indicates not covered in lecture)

Chapter 2: The Self

The following list is in development, so check back.

Define Self-Identity, Self-Schema, Self-Concept
Define Schema
What is the "Who am I?" Form?
Self-Identity: Individual and collectivist cultures
Self Esteem
"Basking in reflected glory"
Locus of control (both external and internal)
Self efficacy
Multi-cultural issues in the examination of self
There are two questions based upon studies examined both in the book and in lecture

(* indicates not covered in lecture)