Midterm 2

Study Guide



Psychodynamic Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Freud, Ego, Id, Superego, Unconscious, Stages of development (oral, anal, genital, latency etc.), Jung and collective unconscious, Adler, Behavior perspectives, Skinner, Bandura and Social learning, Model, Humanistic Theories (Rodgers and Maslow).


Social Psychology


Person perception, Social Schema, Stereotypes, Exemplar Theories, Prototype Theories,Prejudice, Attribution Theory, Covariation Principle, Consistency, Distinctiveness, Consensus, Internal versus External Attribution, Fundamental Attribution Error, Category based expectancy, Target based expectancy, Milgramís work on Conformity, actor-observer effect




Motivation, Drive, Instincts, Incentive Motivation, Determinants of Sexual Desire (Hormones, Pheromones, Erotic Materials, Attraction to a partner), Gender differences in sexual activity and relationship jealousy, Sexual Orientation, Human Sexual Response Cycle (Excitement Phase, Plateau Phase, Orgasm Phase, and Resolution Phase), Hunger, Biological factors of hunger, hunger regulation, and obesity