Student questions for the test


1. What is the most basic human need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

a.  self-actualization Needs

b.  Physiological Needs

c.  Heritability Needs

d.  Safety Needs


2.  An example of a successful aphrodisiac is:

a.  chocolate

b.  Pheromones

c.  There are no true aphrodisiacs

d.  testosterone


3.  Achievement tests mostly measure

a.  person’s mastery over knowledge over variety of subjects.

b.  general mental abilities

c.  Motives, interests, and attitudes

d. specific types of mental abilities


4.  The majority of mental retardation cases are

a. mild

b. moderate

c. severe

d. profound


5.   In what order do the stages of human sexual response occur?

a.  Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution

b.  Resolution, excitement, orgasm, plateau

c.  Plateau, excitement, orgasm, resolution

d.  Excitement, orgasm, resolution, plateau


6.  What are the 3 types of validity for a test?


a.  Verbal, practical and social

b.  Calvinist, Catholic and Christian

c.  Content, criterion, and construct

d.  External, Internal and content