Psychology of Women

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Unit 3: Developmental Psychology and the Psychology of Women

Unit 3, Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Women contains several heavy issues. We discuss issues involved with being Intersexed, along with the medical overuse of episotomies and Female Genital Mutilation. I have developed this page to provide additional resources for those interested in these issues, along with outlines of lecture notes. Remember, these notes do not contain all the information presented in class but are available here to assist you with the note taking process.
Assignment 2: Women's Developmental Issues on the World Wide Web

Lecture Outlines

The following outlines are used in lecture. These are not to replace lecture, but to provide a guideline for notes and a list of key definitions. In addition, they contain additional online reading resources based upon topic.
Lecture 1: Sex and Gender Development Outline
Nova's Website for the video shown in class
Lecture 2: Adulthood and Motherhood Outline
Lecture 3: Aging

Other Links of Interest
The Intersexed Society of North America
I would like to bring to attention the following quote from this website: " The National Organization for Women (NOW) became the first national feminist group to call for intersex children's right "to choose and be properly and fully informed regarding cosmetic medical procedures involving their bodies or genitals." The overwhelming majority of intersexed children are raised as females.

The World Health Organization (WHO): Female Genital Mutilation fact sheet.
The American Obesity Association
Episiotomy Reference List